The Altar of Repose in the Chapel of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion, University City, MO, Good Friday morning, April 18, 2014.


It is finished.

(Detail from a painting of the Crucifixion in the Louvre, summer 2012)

Please join us for a solemn service for Good Friday at 7 pm.

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Holy Week: Good Friday

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This is a Bad Day, Good Friday 2014


This is a Bad Day, Good Friday 2014

Robyns SermonsWill you stay?  Will you return?


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I will say more: we must sacrifice ourselves to God, each day and in everything we do, accepting all that happens to us for the sake of the Word, imitating his passion by our sufferings, and honoring his blood by shedding our own. We must be ready to be crucified.

If you are a Simon of Cyrene, take up your cross and follow Christ. If you are crucified beside him like one of the thieves, now, like the good thief, acknowledge your God. For your sake, and because of your sin, Christ himself was regarded as a sinner; for his sake, therefore, you must cease to sin. Worship him who was hung on the cross because of you, even if you are hanging there yourself. Derive some benefit from the very shame; purchase salvation with your death. Enter paradise with Jesus, and discover how far you have fallen.

from a homily by Saint Gregory Nazianzen, bishop (Oratio 45, 23-24: PG 36, 654-655)

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Thankful that the rain cleared just in time!

Palm Sunday, April 13, 2014, at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion, University City, MO, in the Diocese of Missouri.

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Social Media Lenten Practice Day 35:
There is something utterly beautiful about scientists discovering new and wondrous things about the universe. Scientific Theologian (and friend of GSP) Michael Dowd says that an astronomer and biologist are both the universe becoming more conscious of itself as they discover new truths. How can observing the universe bring you a greater connection to something greater than yourself?

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So the question, does God heal? can only be asked alongside the question, does God save? And these are the answers. Does God HEAL me? Sometimes. Does God SAVE me? Always. Always. Always.
Samuel Wells, Be Not Afraid: Facing Fear With Faith
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